Your Divine Self-Care Journey Starts Here…

Self-care is a Divine Responsibility

Queen’s Armour Coaching & Accountability was forged to provide encouragement and support to passionate people in improving their quality of life as well as discovering and walking in their purpose by providing holistic self-care coaching services, accountability partnerships and renewal programs.

Our Coaching and Accountability Services and Programs are centered around the willing and committed person and groups who recognize and are ready to act on the truth that, though there is still inner healing work to be done, we all still have the ability to move through life in any direction desired. In doing so, we courageously prepare to face and handle adversities and resistance from both within and outside ourselves .

Crown of Consciousness: Focus on and commitment to the 4 JEWELS of SPIRIT/ENERGY, MIND, BODY & PURPOSE in one’s personal growth, healing and evolution.

Breastplate of Compassion:   The resolve to be patient and trust the process, not comparing or burdening one self with other people’s ideals or the world’s standards of measure to determine your worth.

Seeking Wisdom & Truth Through Faith:  As a co-creator with the Divine, aligning yourself with your higher power, spirituality or intuition, believing before seeing and putting in the work to manifest the life you envision for yourself.

Sacred Circle – You not only recognize a need for guidance and support, but consciously seek it out and ask for it. At the same time, you regularly and consistently evaluate your relationships and only maintain those that truly mean and do you well.