WELCOME TO QUEEN’S ARMOUR ENTERPRISES! I know you may be wondering, who or what is Queen’s Armour Enterprises and what do we do. Before you enter this realm, I feel it is of the utmost importance that we clarify what defines and how we recognize a Queen.

How Much Do You Know About the Game of Chess?

In the game of chess, even though the game is over once the King is vulnerable and can be captured, the Queen is actually the single most powerful piece. The queen can move in any direction and any number of squares on the board. Likewise, if she is captured, made limited in her abilities and powers, the entire game is at risk.

The Queen is the Embodiment of Supernatural Momentum

As a woman, mother, daughter, sister, life partner and friend, I see and know all too well how easy it is to forget or to possibly have never known, how truly powerful we are. Most of us give up more or too much of  ourselves for to everything and everyone else than we do for ourselves.  We may end up doing more than we should because we don’t have proper understanding of our greatness and the limitless strength and abilities we possess. Our sense of self gets clouded and distorted and we often find ourselves wondering why our circumstances, despite our best efforts, are not improving. Based on personal experience, I’ve found the ultimate answer to that question is growth and healing.

An Empowered Woman Has or at Some Point Must become Commited to Donning the Armour

Queen’s Armour Enterprises encapsulates, is founded and centered on the premise that an empowered woman recognizes, acts on and takes full advantage of the fact that she can move in any direction that SHE so chooses. In doing so, she is always  prepared to face adversity, battles of all kinds and from all sides, by donning her Queen’s Armour:

  1. Her Crown of Consciousness – A commitment to personal growth & development See Q.A.B. Events
  2. A Breastplate of Self-love & Compassion – Being patient with HER process
  3. The Sword of Wisdom – Calling on her higher power/spirituality/intuition & believing before seeing
  4.  Love and Support of Her Sisters’– See Queen Armour Bearers