Bag Lady

cjwalkerWhat I would like for you to do in this moment is read just this first paragraph. Close your eyes and think of the one thing you would be doing with your life right now if money and time was not an issue and you knew you only had one year to live. Sit with that vision of your life for a moment and ask yourself why you aren’t doing it. Then, sit with that question or answer(s) for a moment as well and whenever you’re ready you, open your eyes.

Before I can talk about self-limiting beliefs (that will be the next post) I need to stress the importance of becoming conscious of carrying other people’s issues and energetic baggage.

When I was in elementary school I was bullied and I remember being told that bullies are usually being bullied by someone else. Imagine with me that self-limiting beliefs are your “bully”. If this were the case, the buried or hidden issues of someone or a group of people in your life may be your bully’s bully. In other words, it is very likely that your self-limiting beliefs may have been projected onto you, through words, behavior or both, by someone who never dealt with their own self-limiting beliefs, trauma or core hurts.

I  associate it with one of my favorite take-aways from my life coaching sessions with  Tesheena Lowry, CEO of Executive Life Coaching LLC,  called the “life lie” and that of being called by the wrong name. You know your name; but what would happen if you were constantly called by another  name. We all would like to think that we simply wouldn’t answer, but over time, we get tired of fighting and begin to answer to that wrong name and in doing so find ourselves hiding, unhappy and unfulfilled. That “wrong name” is your self-limiting belief. However, the good news is, it does not belong to you, never truly did and now you can let it go.


My self-limiting belief was that I am not enough…not good enough…not smart enough…not talented enough…not committed enough, simply not enough to do or be the person who I had always dreamt of being.  The most astonishing part was realizing that I had been carrying, relying on, confiding in and living that lie for the bulk of my life, I want to say since I was about 14 yrs old. My breakthrough came after I first was asked the same question I asked you in that first paragraph about why I wasn’t doing what it is I dreamed of which was followed by someone who did not know me well at all telling me that there is a calling on my life. At the mercy of these two conversations, which took places just days apart, I found myself crying hysterically in my bathroom because someone had finally  seen me and called me by “my name”.

So, today I challenge you to use the same technique, grab your journal or a pen and paper and write down everything that comes to mind. Once you become aware of your self-limiting beliefs, it will be that much easier to identify the abandoned and misplaced baggage you’ve been carrying.