Putting Up The Good Fight


Have you ever wondered, when we make statements like, “I’m for fighting for my personal or financial freedom, freedom of self-expression or the right to be…”, what it is we are REALLY saying? From my personal experiences, I have found that all too often the words coming out of our mouths are either a reflection or a projection of deep inner beliefs and, as with all reflections and projections, may present themselves upside down and backwards.


Even though what we are saying, writing in our journals or professing to others seems forward-moving, these things may actually be rooted in a stagnating or self-limiting belief, the belief that we are lacking something, are not free to express and be ourselves or do not have “rights” when in actuality we do have all of these freedoms and always have. We all have the Divine right to be, live and express ourselves freely. However, too often, we simply do not recognize it. If this is true, the genuine issues then become, why do we feel like me must fight?  Who or what are we fighting?? Where does our sense of oppression come from and how do we properly address it???


To exist as though we are somehow restricted and that there is an enemy, or several of them, lurking about and who we must confront is in an integral part of the master illusion that we call human existence and the world that feeds the insatiable, deceptive and sensory driven appetite of the “false-self”.

What if I told you that there is no “real” oppression or enemy to fight? That our experiences are simply a cacophony of individual reflections reacting to the sensory experiences and perceptions of their respective hosts trying to validate their existence while figuring out how best to survive in a world that exacerbates their underlying condition.


Have you ever just sat, watch and contemplated nature? Though it and every element of it comes up against constant attack both from itself and human innovations. Though it is repeatedly damaged and destroyed, nature does not fight. It innately works to restore its natural balance when and where necessary. Nature, and everything in it, when allowed to just be, does what it is designed and purposed to do.

In the natural world, without force, prodding or announcement, what is both natural and necessary occurs all the time. Grass just grows, eventually dies and in this process provides refuge and nourishment for a multitude of tiny creatures. Trees establish deep roots, grow tall, and branch out all the while serving as natural air filters, refuge and nourishment for its own complimentary companions. Squirrels plant more trees as they forage and store-up food for the winter. Flowers blossom, eventually wither and die, but not before providing nectar for the bees. Bees pollinate plants and flowers in the process of building their communities. I say all of that to say this…”JUST BE”

Here is my offering of unsolicited advice for the next time you find yourself in the grips of or preparing for a “fight”:

  1. Remember that your perceptions of other people as well as the external world is a reflection of YOUR inner world.
  2. Ask yourself; What deep inner belief could this…(person, situation etc…) be reflecting back at me?
  3. Be compassionate with yourself and do not pass judgement on what may flow up to your consciousness. Use your ABC’sAcknowledge. Be grateful. Continue on

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