S. V. Thompson is not only a devoted and homeschooling mother of two, but also a committed Mompreneur & Visionary. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Humanities from the University of Central Florida, is a published Author and Freelance Writer. She also holds professional licensure as a Florida Realtor serving the Orlando & Kissimmee areas. As one of very few Social Entrepreneurs in her area, she is also pioneering a never seen or heard of and truly ground level opportunity within the Health and Wellness Industry with a company that is leading the science of Nutrigenomics and Biohacking the Aging Code.

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As a personal brand, Queen’s Armour Enterprises encapsulates the lifestyle of diversity and professional flexibility that the founder and fellow women business owners all over the world live each and everyday. As a concept it speaks to, inspires the belief of and beckons the arrival of the untapped greatness that lives in each and every woman. Queen’s Armour Enterprises dares every woman to unlock her hidden potential and “superpowers”, to be the Queen she hungers to express and show to the world, the one that rules the game.  She does not allow limitations to be placed on her because she KNOWS there is no such thing at as an external force that can stop her ascension.

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The Q.A.B. Mission – Erected in the spirit of UJAMAA, the Queen Armour Bearer mission is to connect, encourage, support and educate Women of Excellence who are open and committed to personal growth, consciously and intentionally cultivating themselves as well as High Frequency and Empowering Relationships & Networks among each other.

Vision of Value – “Gemstone Soup”

Q.A.B. is a cooperative platform for all women in whatever capacity they need, want, and are able or willing to use their individual talents, abilities, products, services and opportunities through offering a variety of Q.A.B. Events to

  • Encourage and be encouraged by ONE ANOTHER
  • Support and be supported by ONE ANOTHER
  • Share with and learn from ONE ANOTHER
  • Celebrate for and with ONE ANOTHER

In our regular and consistent reaches toward excellence and growth while making continuous strides on both our personal and collective professional journeys.