I originally purchased the Khepri-Engraved Tiger’s Eye Divine Self-Care Crystal-Infused Body Bar for my man since it smells more masculine and less-floral or sweet, but let me just say that we both used it and loved it. I enjoyed the clean smell, the moisturizing and cleansing effects, the longevity of the bar, and of course the crystal that popped out right at the perfect time. Self-care is something that we practice in my home without second-thought, so it is important for me to also buy products that align with our divinity. A bar of soap is more than just a bar of soap. It is a cleansing mechanism that helps us restore balance and energy. I was drawn to the soap right away when I saw it in the store, and I will certainly be purchasing a few more- one for each of us so that I don’t have to share! Thank you for your gift of creating healthy, high-vibe products for Our People. – ANKH, UDJA, SENEB MAURISIA, DAUGHTER OR MA’AT DWA

This is your one stop for all of your holistic self care needs. Feel like a Queen again, call love back in or bring in the Abundance. Queen’s Armour soap and body products are all homemade with local ingredients. The crystal infused Reiki in her soap I can attest that they truly give that added “charge “ to your daily routine!!!! Aho, Ashe and Taino ti. – LUZ “SOARING CONDOR” TIANA, A SHAMAN’S WAY