Queens Armour prides itself on and take continuous strides to actually lead lives according to the belief that “Self-care is a divine responsibility.” Thus, our Divine Self-Care product lines and services sector were born.


Crystal- Infused Handmade Physical and Energetic Body Care Products

In late November 2017, we launched our line of handmade body bars designed to cleanse and nurture the human body temple as well as the energetic body and auric field by incorporating the use of earth’s healing energy through crystals and stones like Amethyst and Rose Quartz as well as variations of Tiger’s Eye and Jasper. Geode Inspired Bath Bombs and Divine Body Mists are due to launch in Summer 2018. Visit our Etsy Shop or fill out this Contact Form to start your self-care journey and stay up-to-date regarding new editions to our product line.


Healing Womban Feminine Care Products – Take Care of & CHERISH Yourself

Healing Womban products are part of a larger impact and life-saving movement known as the, Now We No Awareness Campaign. It serves to enlighten and educate individuals, communities and society as a whole on the inherent and life threatening dangers that come with the use of commercial sanitary feminine products.


The process by which, and the byproducts from how, commercial pads are made demand the need for a better and safer way for Healing Wombans everywhere to manage our sacred feminine flow. You can learn more about and purchase Cherish Premium All-Natural Pads (only $5 per pack!!!) by clicking here and use discount code HealingWomban at checkout to get 10% off your order.


Self-Care From the Inside Out – You Are What You Consume! 

DNA, Lifestyle and Environment play huge roles in our overall health and well-being. However, there is only one out of the three that we can actually control.

Our personal lifestyle choices have the power to make or break, not only the quality of physical health, but the quality of our lives as a whole. Additionally, if we’re honest with ourselves, we will see and readily admit that even with our best decisions and efforts made, due to the two other factors that we cannot control, DNA and environment, that our bodies still need a little help which is where the value of dietary supplements (only those which do what they are supposed to do) comes into play.

Click here to learn more about how you can combat the effects of cellular aging and the root cause of over 200 diseases.

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Birth Doula & Post-Partum Services

EFT & Reiki

Holistic Personal Coaching